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About the Art

The artwork featured in this event has been strategically selected to include a range of subjects, styles, and mediums, with a high sense of quality being the key unifier. From found object assemblages to carefully observed still-life, to mysteriously imagined scenes and forms, we knew the work demonstrated skillful execution, expertise in craft, and marked creativity.

We thank all of the artists who are participating; those knowing the Sacks family’s need — and those not knowing the Sackses — who upon hearing their story felt compelled to participate from a desire to join their fight against cancer.

Luella Tripp + Jay Walker, Curators of DAS:BAM

About the Event

We see the heart David and Angie Sacks have for artists. Therefore it is fitting to support this family in their battle with cancer through an event centered on the arts. This unique show will prosper artists and help to provide for the Sacks' family medical costs and needs.

The vision is to present the better works of fine artists, and so this show is structured to compensate artists as they would from a gallery, with the added twist of a Sacks Family Fund to receive the "house" proceeds.

Who is David Sacks?

A child of God. Angie’s husband. A father of four. An artist. A man battling cancer.


On October 31, 2011, David was first diagnosed with cancer, presenting in his liver, lungs, bones and lymph nodes. His doctors gave him the sobering prognosis of only two years to live. Since then, David has been in and out of the hospital for a battery of procedures, including chemotherapy. Though David has baffled doctors with his healing progress, they have not altered his prognosis.

David grew up outside of Philadelphia and attended Lehigh University. Upon graduation, David moved to New York City where he sought to follow through on one of his childhood pastimes - photography. He opened a photography studio and has since published work in over 50 national/international magazines and earned dozens of professional awards. His work in thirty-four countries has contributed to his ongoing recognition, including as a Nikon/PDN World in Focus Grand Prize Winner.

David and Angie met in NYC, soon married, and later moved with their four children to be near family outside Philadelphia, from where David commutes to his studio.

For years the Sacks family have contributed their talents to philanthropic organizations such as Amnesty International, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Covenant Mercies. In the last year, David’s photography from his Africa trips were published in True Africa (Schiffer Publishing), a beautiful book in which all of the proceeds benefit the Covenant Mercies work with orphanages and schools in Africa.

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Support Dave and Angie by donating directly to their cause. Gifts are not tax deductible. Click the link below for information.